Quién dijo que para vestirse bien es necesario tener mucho dinero? Aqui aprendemos cómo con un poco de imaginación y algo de estilo podemos lucir bien sin ser millonarias!
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cool idea! so easy!!


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This is a great way to wear feathers!


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This is exactly hbow boobts over the pants should look like!! …

I love this is idea, classic and simple…although u need a figure like that to get it.. :/

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Ohhh this is like a fairy tale!! or?

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This is how to wear shiny clothes without looking too overdressed!

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I Reblogged this only cause Im not sure, is this real? Maybe its the way they took the picture? I can`t believe she looks THAT big!

I mean I dont have problems with that, the problem is that she makes so bad! decisions about her clothes! only make her look bigger…

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I want one…and I also want to pass one on :)

Funny game!


I want one…and I also want to pass one on :)

Funny game!

Versace SS 03


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wow..i think this is QUITE easy to make!!!

Damned I need materials!!

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I Bought this jacket for my Graduation day…Its a very thick cotton jacket with many zippers…its by a chilean designer and bought it in a retailer on sale at 70 dollars aprox.  as u can see I can wear it  of 2 different ways..although I`ve only wore it once, I don´t know actually how to conbine it…what do you think?

I wanted to show you this great DIY I made time ago… I bought this black dress (forever 21) in vintage/second hand clothes for 2 dollars I think then added the studs. You can use your imagination or check by the web some designs…I made the exact copy of one I saw… and? what do u think?



I wanted to share this to remember this magic beautiful city I was once… and LOVE IT! for me much better than Paris…

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This is a SO wonderful dress I found on the web… I Think its quite easy to make.

I’ve already the pearls (different sizes), i just need the perfect black dress to make it real!! You just need to sew (by hand) the pearls and does it!!

This dress in the web had a VERY LOW back so it was very sexy…

What do u think?…I will show you the results when I get the dress!

Check more inspiracion here: www.poorfashionlover.tumblr.com

I wish I could try all those magnificent makeup that ppl show in their blog. here in Chile some are quite very expensive, and some we don´t have…unless I live in the Capital. I only bought once the INGLOT shadows…amazing!!!!!!! I love them…I only have 4 colors… :(

How about URBAN DECAY? Is it expensive?

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